Reculver and Beltinge Memorial Hall

COVID-19 update
September 2020


It is with great delight that the Trustees of the Reculver and Beltinge Memorial Hall are making the necessary arrangements to re-open the hall from the 7th September 2020 to some permitted groups.  There will be hand sanitiser, necessary signage and safety precautions in place.


There are some activities which will be unable to return initially and we will be guided by Government advice when they are able to return.


A vast amount of planning and thought has gone into this decision and one which has not been taken lightly.  The Trustees have made arrangements to make the hall COVID-19 safe for all our Groups.


You will find some changes to the normal routine of participation in the various activities.  Including a one way system of entry and exit with social distancing of 2 metres at all times and face coverings to be worn in line with Governments guidelines.  Additional disinfecting and sanitisation of any and all items touched by the Groups will be clarified by your club leaders.  There will also be a limit to the number of people allowed into the Hall to comply with social distancing.


All returning Groups will be organising strict booking systems, please contact your Group leaders.


You will be pleased to know that the first Groups returning will be:

Tai Chi:  Heather Austen, 01227 372509 / 07785 702386


Yoga:  Sophie Roberts,  07821 759518


Gentle Exercise, Pilates and Zumba:  Lissa Flynn,  07722 244405


Paracise:  Carol 07598 701081 / Lissa 07722 244405


Monday Art Group:  Pat Peacock, 01227 741937


Sunflowers Floristry Design:  01227 371063 / 07735 454690

This hall is currently used by about fifteen different organisations

resulting in about a thousand visitors every month!


Photos, hall details and hire rates can be

found by clicking on the tabs to the left


To get in touch with any of the individual groups

please click on the "Organisations" tab above 

and a list will appear.  Details of how to make 

contact can be found within each listing.


If you would like to make a general enquiry or perhaps you would like to

consider hiring the hall for a specific event, please click on "Contact Us"



History of the hall

There has been a hall on this site since the 1920’s.  The original hall was known as “Reculver and Beltinge Parish Hall” and was a 1st World War ex-army hut purchased for £200 and made of weatherboard with a corrugated roof.


A committee of gentlemen ran the hall and anyone wanting to hire it had to apply to the commitee.


During the Second World War, the committee kindly gave furniture including settees to the Officer’s mess in Gainsborough Drive and to the soldiers club at Reculver Lodge and the Beltinge Auxiliary Fire Service.


In 1946 it was decided to re-name the hall “Reculver & Beltinge Memorial Hall” in honour of those that fought in the two world wars.


Meanwhile the hall was beginning to show the passing of time and with rats under the kitchen floor it was decided it was time to have a new hall.


Residents of the village went around collecting money from the local inhabitants and that’s how the money was raised for today’s hall.  The freehold of the present site was purchased in 1954 and in April 1959 the foundation stone for today’s hall was laid.


The hall has nothing to do with the local council.  It is governed by the Charities Commission on behalf of the villagers and is run by a voluntary committee of trustees duly elected each year from people who live in the parish of Reculver and by representative committee members from the groups that hire the hall on a regular basis.


Over the years these committees of volunteers have raised money and applied for grants to improve the hall and to keep up to date with all the rules and regulations needed to allow events to take place and to provide facilities for the disabled.

The hall is used by approx 1000 people a month attending many clubs and functions from pre-school children right through to our senior citizens.


Reculver & Beltinge Memorial Hall


149 Reculver Road


Herne Bay











Car Parking

There are limited "one hour" bays nearby and limited parking in local roads.


The nearest FREE car park is about 5 mins walk away


About 400 yds towards Reculver, turn left into Reculver Drive.  The FREE car park is 100 yds on the left.


Postcode CT6 6QE

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